Burnishing Pads


The Heat pad is a specialty 1" blend of natural and synthetic fibers. It uses a unique heat shield placed in the middle of the pad to heat the floor to a temperature above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in order to bond silicate coatings. The pad is two sided for twice the life.


The Armadillo pad is an ultra high-speed propane burnishing pad specially designed for concrete. It is a 1" premium floor pad constructed with an aggressive bond that contains no dyes to transfer color to your concrete floor. Armadillo pads will give you the "polished look" of a burnishing pad while cleaning and removing surface dirt and scuffs with ease. The pad can be used on both sides.


The diamond pads are specifically designed to be used on concrete, terrazzo, and natural stone. The 1" diamond pad is impregnated with diamond matrix deeper than the competition. There is no color transfer due to it being a naturally colored pad with no dyes added. The pad is 40% more durable and generates more heat when tested against competitive pads used in the field. Diamond pads are available in 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000, 8000, and 11000 grits. Various diameter sizes are available by special order.


The Gorilla pad is a 1" blended fiber pad used to clean the concrete floor by removing the residual dust left on the floor.


The lightest blend of natural fibers in a synthetic fiber floor pad for those who use a soft finish that requires nightly burnishing. This floor pad is designed to give you the same high gloss "wet look" shine that big brother Gorilla floor pad is known for.