AmeriPolish Dyes

AmeriPolish Solvent and Water Based Dye

AmeriPolish is a concrete dye used to color mechanically finished concrete slab floors. AmeriPolish solvent-based and water-based dyes are formulated using extremely fine molecules of dye designed to penetrate and color any cementitious surface. AmeriPolish dye was created for use with polished concrete, but can be used as a base color or touch up for concrete that has received integral color, dry shake hardeners, acid stains or even an overlay to itself.



AmeriPolish solvent-based dye is packaged in powder form to be mixed with acetone and the AmeriPolish water-based dye is packaged in concentrate to be mixed with water. Offered in 22 standard colors, and is used for interior applications only.



Penetrating Agent

Improves dye penetration in tightly troweled concrete, polished concrete and during hot weather application. Using only 4 ounces of Penetrating Agent to a gallon ofdye, you are able to control the drive of the dye into the concrete; minimizing both surface residues and material waste.



The Penetrating Agent increases the dwell time which also provides an opportunity to add color to previously densified concrete. Always perform a test to establish the degree of dye penetration in the slab, especially if already densified. Not intended to be used on vertical, brushed concrete or with the new Water Based Dye.

Edge Tint

The Edge Tint is a special mixture of dye and acrylic sealer that enables you to apply color along edges, footings and hard to reach areas or areas where you are unable to grind or polish.



Edge Tint can be applied with the Patriot SpraySafe System which will save you time, cost and will minimize the unappealing final appearance of edgework at wall sand footings for a smoother more consistent look. Also, as with any sealer application, it is recommended that you apply a wax coat if the work is in atraffic area.

Concrete Silicate Colorant

Color Juice 12 translucent UV stable water-based colors designed for exterior and interior concrete. Color Juice hardens, dust proofs and colors. Color Juice is ideal for residential and commercial broom finished concrete porches, driveways, sidewalks, and pool decks.

Interior Concrete Sealer

Color Juice Interior Concrete Sealer penetrates concrete surfaces. It helps protect against stains and etching agents, and minimizes moisture infiltration that might cause color migration or dispersion. It contains a UV stabilizer to minimize color fading.

Exterior Concrete Sealer

Color Juice sprayable water-based sealer is a low-VOC, fast drying water-based sealer designed to protect and beautify decorative concrete. It contains complex additives not found in other sealers. Color Juice is designed for use with color juice colorant, but may be used to seal concrete with no color or with other compatible color products used in exterior and interior applications. Helps resist oil and chemical stains. Color Juice sealer can be used on interior or exterior masonry and concrete-type surfaces. Use on colored and uncolored, stamped or exposed aggregate concrete, porous brick, natural and manufactured stone, stucco, slate, unglazed tile and flagstone.



Dye-N-Seal Solvent - Based Dye Packaged in powder form to be mixed with acetone and the Penetrating Agent. The Penetrating Agent contains U/V protecting components. Dye-N-Seal gives great color to produce a look similar to an acid stain in approximately 1/3 the amount.








Dye-N-Seal Water - Based Dye Created to complement and expand on already proven Dye-N-Seal Solvent - Based Dye. The water-based dye was created for use when flammability is a concern, adequate airflow cannot be assured, and the dyes are to be used where fresh meat, vegetables and fruit may be stored or displayed.